Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate on another NOVEL campaign. As a creative and a NOVEL resident, I welcome the chance to tell authentic visual stories at the intersection of people and place. In advance of the project, I wanted to provide you with a background on my typical approach, imagery that is more aligned with the moodboard for UWs, and recommendations for accomplishing this style. The end result of much of my photography features intentionally sharp subjects and blurred secondary objects to guide the viewer’s eye and draw them to the hero of the composition. This look is ultimately achieved in editing, but the original images are a simplified concept that aligns nicely with the direction for UWs. This naturally bright, colorful approach puts into focus both the subject and the environment, revealing the mood that a sense of place can facilitate – much like the experience of a NOVEL property. To achieve this look, vivid natural light sources are ideal. If locations do not allow for bright natural light sources, the look can be recreated using strobes. Although I have not used strobes on NOVEL shoots in the past due to the fast-paced nature of campaigns, I am confident in their impact. The imagery provided is also rooted in interesting angles and thoughtful composition, which is a practice I aim to bring to every project no matter the style. Thank you again for considering me for this project. 

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